[Ansteorra] Proposed change in waterbearing

Matthias the Brewer matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
Tue Jun 17 13:00:41 PDT 2008

This makes sense.  Make it a volunteer organization (or guild), and ask for
a coordinator/liason for each region.  This would have the same fuction as
already exists.

And I for one would be happy to toss a few coins to help pay for the costs
to support said volunteer organization.

However, it could be simpler if the waivers were adjusted to include this.
With special attention to any waivers required of the fighters. 

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This rule change is certainly of interest to anyone who attends events in
the heat (and that's pretty much all of us), whether they fight or not.

However, I understand it to say we can continue waterbearing exactly the way
we are now -- folks on the list field, walking the perimeter, etc. -- if we
want to. The only difference is that the activity won't be "regulated,
warranted, organized, controlled, or sanctioned by the SCA, Inc.".

I.e. there won't be an official Waterbearer officer. I.e. we'd be back to
exactly the way we used to do it: volunteers and households doing this
because they want to, and because it needs doing. We're free to continue
doing it pretty much any way we want as long as it isn't an official office.
The new rule "does not either address or restrict such volunteer activity or
the methods by which it occurs."

In fact, I read it to mean we can still have the same officers, training and
organization structure that we currently have in place, which would be
great. Mistress Hillary Greenslade and others worked hard to get that ball
rolling, and it would be nice to see it continue. We just have to call them
a "guild" instead of "officers".  
Big woop. :P

That being said, I agree that living in a litigation-crazed world (and
having a hobby headquartered in one of the most litigious states in the
country) can "really take the fun out of things". On the other other hand,
I'm glad we've got folks thinking ahead like this, so we can just publish a
rule change and keep on keepin' on. It's a much better use of our dues money
than paying off some stupid lawsuit.

My 2 coppers.

Michael Silverhands

p.s. For reference, I'm quoting the proposed rule change below:

>  Proposed language to be added to Corpora:
>  The activity of providing beverages to combatants and spectators at 
> SCA  Combat activities is not regulated, warranted, organized, 
> controlled, or  sanctioned by the SCA, Inc. or any affiliate or 
> subsidiary entity.
> All
>  warrants, authorizations, or other formal recognition of this 
> activity  are by publication of this change revoked. This document 
> does not either  address or restrict such volunteer activity or the 
> methods by which it  occurs.
>  --
>  Patrick Anderson
>  President
>  Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
>  president at sca.org

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