[Ansteorra] Proposed change in waterbearing

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This addresses my questions as well.  

Currently, there are regulations in order to be waterbearing, on the field or off, at a local event or a foreign war.  If we are to make it so that someone without any of that knowledge (and without someone there to teach them) were able to waterbear, isn’t that going to open the possibilities for disease? (meaning that currently, we sanitize the vessels if they become contaminated, or at the end of a round of being served.  IF this is no longer practice, won’t this cause more problems with health?)

There is no doubt that if we have to go back to the way that it was before, we will adapt and it will suffice.   But (as we all know) things aren’t like they were before, so equating it as so just doesn’t work. 

I have already sent off my opinions to the Board, and I think that everyone with any opinions or experience should as well.  

Adena Terricsdotter 

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Just a cosideration but if a "guild" or "household" takes over water bearing 
ctivities doesn't that just transfer the Liablities to that group.   Instead of 
aking the society to court it would be the smaller and unsolvent community that 
ears the brunt of the action.   No matter what the professionals say it is the 
atter of rights and privledges of the many being removed by the few.

hank you

he i’m Talkathon starts 6/24/08.  For now, give amongst yourselves.
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