[Ansteorra] The Waterbearing Bruhaha

Joe McGrew oscagne at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 14:10:43 PDT 2008

> Additionally, friends giving their friends drinks or food would not generally be considered an "official", regulatable activity.  Its sort of the difference between serving a benefit dinner and hosting a dinner party.  The one would likely reach Dept. of Health regulations, the other is a Private activity.
> Aline

True enough.  But I'd be willing to bet that Don Tivar's bad lawyer
doesn't see "friends giving their frinds drinks or food".  I'd bet
that lawyer would see this:

"They had an activity going on at their gatherings that some of them
were concerned about the health issues enough that they instuted
regulations attempting to make that activity safe.  Even after that
they had considerable debate about the health aspects of that
activity, and many were of the opinion that it contributed to the
likelyhood of communicable disease.  Then they DEregulated that
activity and someone got sick.  Sounds like a classic case of
negligence to me, let's sue the corporation."

That scenario is JUST as likely as the society getting sued under the
current rules.


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