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Lyonel, I think you and several people are missing one of the points that
was put past.  It's not about waiver liability (i.e. danger of being sued).
It's about being *fined* by local and state governments.  Waivers don't
protect us from fines.

Saying, "Hey, it's just something the people there did, not an official
function" *might* protect us from fines.

With the varying abilities of state, local, and federal government to levy
some horrible fines for mild things, I think I see a valid point for this.


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 7:47 AM, Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace <
sirlyonel at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Salut cozyns,
> Mazelle Attiya, SCA treasurer, dit qe:
> > > Allow me to address two specific questions that numerous people have> >
> asked in regards to the proposal dealing with water bearing activities.> > >
> > 1. Does it mean that we can't use SCA Funds to purchase water,> >
> Gatorade, food, etc for the fighters?> > > > The answer is yes, groups,
> including kingdoms and the major wars can> > still use SCA Funds to purchase
> supplies and food products for the> > populaces' use. Donations can still be
> taken for this but instead of it> > going to the Waterbearer's Fund; it will
> have to be place into a> > different Fund. I will be discussing this with
> all the kingdom> > exchequers. The group funds currently set aside for
> waterbearing would> > still belong to the group to purchase water, etc. It
> just is not labeled> > as belonging the guild/office anymore.> >
> Then what's the point of the change? If we're really concerned that someone
> will get sick from bad water or bad oranges handed out by our waterbearers,
> what makes you think the scenario described here protects the SCA? Any
> decent litigator will point out that, by funding the supplies, the group
> tacitly approved the waterbearing activity. The very existence of this email
> from the treasurer clearly demonstrates that the corporation is attempting
> to insulate itself from an activity that it, too, approves. So, removing the
> official status of the waterbearers and relabeling their moneys accomplishes
> nothing.
> Your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Perhaps you should consider
> just adding some verbiage to the waivers instead of undermining an activity
> that has functioned well for years.
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