[Ansteorra] Answers to Questions-Waterbearer proposal

Hugh Killingbury hughkillingbury at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 10:50:41 PDT 2008


At present nothing has changed, in the past we did not have official water bearing and we survived. We will survive again. Please send your comments, thoughts and suggestions to the BOD and please continue with healthy discussion. I prefer WB as an official office due to stricter guidelines and sanitation. It's not the end of the world, they are only trying to protect the SCA from frivolous lawsuits, nothing more. Money will be available for "hospitality" tables if the local group decides to reimburse the volunteer group\coordinator\guild head. It's a "fluid" environment, I can work within the flow of whatever the BOD dictates, I hope everyone else can as well.

Lord Hugh Killingbury
Steward Gates Edge Harvest End 2008
Stargate Baronial Waterbearer (for now)


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