[Ansteorra] Waterbearing & such

Owen Van Meter ovanoff57 at clearwire.net
Thu Jun 19 14:20:12 PDT 2008

Everyone has a valid concern about "what" could happen at an event and the legal stuff it involves. Have you ever thought about the fact that you could walk throught a local Walmart, Sears and the like and be exposed to whatever the current diases is. Do we get to blame or sue these places because we get sick - probably not. The best example I can use is something that happened to me last fall - I was "possiblie" exposed to TB and at of all places it was while I was patient in a "privite" room at a local "hospital". So just remember it dosen't matter a whole lot about where we go to spent our time or where we eat, there is always a chance we could get sick or have the best time of our life.

    By the way I tested negative for the TB.

                                                Ld Griffin

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