[Ansteorra] Answers to Questions-Waterbearer proposal

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I guess no one has thought of a real simple answer to all of this,
so, like it or not, popular or not, PC or not...not that I care one whit,
I'm going to offer this suggestion.

Just say NO!  Don't buy into the paranoia and make choices that
empower the group rather than enslave it to governments or lawyers
or picky, easily offended people just looking to stir up trouble.

You don't have to pay for an investigation or even allow one.
Say...hell no, you aren't investigating. No, we aren't changing our
very good, already safe practices just because someone "out there"
"might" whatever...whatever isn't real.  It's time to deal with what is
real and not all these paranoid scenarios.  Don't just go along blindly
like sheeple.  Of course, who would have thought of that?

The reason government regulation and paranoia are encroaching on 
you and making life increasingly more difficult is because you are allowing
by accepting that you can't do anything about it and you have to roll over
everything the BOD says or the government says or the health department says
or whoever says. You Don't.  Just say NO!!!

Do you really care who likes that? Whatever happened to standing up for
If you all want to be slaves, then by all means, keep going the way you're
a real short trip from where you are and you are already halfway there.

Instead of pretending to be fighters how about really fighting for your
You can fight in a non violent way...Just refuse!

There are more people in the membership than there is in the BOD...ever
think of it that way?

You pride yourself on recreating history...here's some history for you to
recreate..so sorry it's OOP.

We, the people.  Do you know the rest? 

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Angeal has stated that as few as two incidents appearing can cause an
investigation. One complaint can also do so. In Texas, the person or group
investigated has to pay for the investigation and it can easily be $10,000
with lab work. I personally think having to pay for the investigation
without proof you are guilty of anything is lack of due process, but I'm not
a lawyer.
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one person would not trigger any type of investigation, but dozen in a
short time would. This would then be investigated to see what everyone had
in common...the SCA Event they all went to. It might not be the people
involved suing but the insurance companies
Military food inspector who HAS done just such an investigation
(Ft Sill, 1993... 800 Basic trainees from the same unit admitted ot the
hospital within 2 hours...Mass casulty incident declared)
> Salut cozyns,
> I think it's a bit far-fetched, though, to think that someone showing up
> at a hospital ER with food poisoning would result in public health
> inspections for our events. By the time the public health folks got wind
> of it, the event would be over.
> En Lyonel
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>> ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Answers to
>> Questions-Waterbearer proposal> > Sir Lyonel,> > I do not claim any
>> direct knowledge of the public health system, or local> heal codes.> >
>> However, I have seen a massive increase in the number of media reported
>> food> sickness related events over the past few years.> > That fact
>> alone tells me that public awareness of food-born illness is up.> If one
>> of our members walks into a hospital with food poisoning after an>
>> event, even if we are ultimately cleared of any responsibility, I do
>> not> want to guess what the negative effects will be on us.> > I
>> appreciate that it has not happened yet, and I certainty do not want to
>> be> alarmist on the issue. But the world, the US, and even Ansteorra are
>> a> changing place, and we must not forget that fact.> > Lord Ivo
>> Blackhawk.> > > > Has any SCA function ever been subjected to a public
>> health inspection
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