Samantha Smith sasmith0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 11:28:35 PDT 2008

It does rather strike me that this is indeed protecting the organization by
throwing the people within that organization to the wolves if any problems
should come up.

The question to muse upon, then -- again, entirely in my opinion, and
remembering my opinion is only that of someone who has been in the
organization for only a very small number of years -- is what the purpose of
the main organization is, exactly? Is it a bank account? Is it purely for
organizing purposes? Moreover, is the organization itself of more importance
than the people comprising it?

The most immediate question for me, though, is this: is any judge anywhere
really going to care? Outside of the SCA, there is no visible difference
between an official officer and a fully funded waterbearing guild? The only
way to make this reasonably safe from litigation against the SCA would be to
do away entirely with any sort of even vaguely official waterbearing, to
disallow waterbearing guilds, to allow people to only refresh themselves
with water they bring. This might prove quite safe for the organization, but
it would not be safe for its members. I agree that fighters should be
responsible enough to bring their own water... of course, people should also
be responsible for saving money every month for emergency car repairs and
hospital visits so that they don't need to buy insurance.

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