[Ansteorra] SCA Asian Persona Survey (Summer 2008)

Andrew Benton spearweasel at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 10:07:12 PDT 2008

  The SCA Asian Persona Survey is a website with the names, locations, and contact information for SCAdians playing personae that hail from the parts of Asia farthest removed from Europe: China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, or the Mongol Empire.  It is intended to foster a sense of community and solidarity among those of us who play personae out of the mainstream of traditional SCA culture, and to share expertise and information with those who are new to the SCA. 
  If you are interested in communicating with other SCAdians who share similar interests in the cultures of Asia, take a look at the website. If you would like to be included, you can email me at spearweasel at yahoo.com.
  Please include the following information:
  •    Persona Name
  •    Preferred Online Contact Method (Email or  Website)
  •    Home Barony,  Shire, or Group
  •    Persona Background
  •    Relevant Website or anything else you would like to include. 
  In Service, 
  Kamaitachi no Kansuke
  a.k.a. “Spearweasel”
  m.k.a. Andrew Benton
  spearweasel at yahoo.com

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