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Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Jun 25 09:18:43 PDT 2008

My lady and my children attended Lilies last year and had so much fun they
couldn't wait to go back this year. And this year, I got to go too, (my 1st
Lilies), and I now better understand the appeal. Very laid back, and *very*
friendly. As a fighter-type, I spent most of my time at the melee field. The
scenarios were quite fun. One tavern brawl featured some very creative
weapons. Most notably, a decapitated head, with a long braided ponytail,
wielded like a flail. (The eyes in the head even moved, it was an awesome

I learned a great deal about Calontir's award structure and specifically
with regards to martial endeavors. Of course, the Chivalry is a Society-wide
recognition. Calontir's grant level fighting award bestows the title
"Juscarl" (sp?) (roughly equivalent to our Centurions) and then there are
the Fyrdmen, which carries an AoA. The Fyrdmen are a rightfully proud bunch,
who must achieve proficiency in multiple weapon styles and travel to at
least one foreign war. There were additional requirements, such as knowledge
of some of Calontirs war songs, and more.

Interestingly, not only are the Juscarl's a polling order, but so are the
Fyrdmen. I was told that the A&S and service tracks have a similar approach
to their awards. I listened as one of Calontir's knights proudly extolled
their system and explained that this structured approach had the side-effect
of encouraging loyalty to one's kingdom first, as opposed to one's
household. (Since you would know the majority had recommended you.) Thus,
the ease with which Calontiri's raise an army.

Though I was quite taken aback by the contact water-bearing, I surmise that
Calontir's culture of camaraderie and esprit de corps lends itself to such a
practice. I will definitely be going back, though I will take steps to
insure my own water. :-)

My only regret was that there were not more Ansteorran's there to enjoy this
event and support HRM Antoine and HRM Isabeau. (They looked great on the

Baron Armand Dragonetti
(Still recovering from the visage of Stagman and Falconman racing through
the Tuesday Tor Hafla....shudder)


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> From: Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner
> I agree, it was a great war!  We almost made it the whole 
> week (arrived Sunday).  Hopefully next year.  Would have 
> liked to have known there were more Ansteorrans there.  We 
> found some friends from Northkeep later in the week.
> Lilies is a fun, relaxed war--not as competitive since its 
> themes are guilds/groups versus other members of the same 
> kingdom.  


> I have been to Gulf and Estrella and enjoyed both.  Someday I 
> hope to make it to Pennsic.  So far Lilies is my favorite.  
> Attendance was down it seemed this year.  Many were probably 
> affected by the terrible floods up north.  If you haven't 
> made it to Lilies yet, I'd definitely recommend it.
> HL Rayya (Ismet)

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