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Mostly populace meetings are in mundanes.  As to where they are held... 
where do you live?  You can go online to the kingdom web page and find out 
where and who to contact.

Good luck,
HL Caitlin, Carolyn, Lyn, Mom, Grandma
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Just wanted everyone to know. Lillies was a fantastic event. I just got home 
yesterday. I was there for the whole event. What a great kingdom.
Just a little note on the water bearer subject . I water bearer while I was 
at Lillies for 5hrs. one day and the only reason I got sick is I forgot to 
drink some myself. The why they have it set up there was just great. You 
should look into it. Hope all that went had just as good of a time as I did. 
But now that I am home. I would love to know where to start here. Are the 
meeting in mundane clothing? Where are the meetings and who do I contact to 
find all the info that I need?

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