[Ansteorra] Gulf wars attendance

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 18:08:18 PDT 2008

  At the staff meeting on Sunday, the attendance was announced at 3332, as mentioned by others.  I believe it was mentioned that 2007 the number was around 3500+, but in 2006, it was down at 3200+.  I do recall one year that attendance went up to around 4100+ or 4200+, but no higher than the low 4000's for this war - yet!  
  This year 2008 attendance was higher than I expected, as many of the staff had expressed thoughts that the Spring Break dates would cause a lower attendance, but apparently it didn't - or perhaps it caused some folks to still come but take few late-week vacation days.
  I tried to find an attendance count on the website, but was not able to; so will suggest it to the webadmin for an inclusion, as I think it will make good history, as well as assist with budget and land plans.  In year's past, I think attendance was also recorded on the Volunteer Point download documents, but for some reason those links are no longer active.  
  Either way, the weather cooperated beautifully for the most part, a bit chilly early in the week, but the early chill kept the days following very temporate.  Could have used one more early morning rain on Friday, to lower the dust levels, but it was still a lovely week. 
  I was surprized at the larger number of visitors from the far off kingdoms; with gentles from East, Atlantia, Middle, AEthelmearc, Northshield and Ealdormere; as it seems more of their citizens are attending our southern war each year...I heard that some were there even from Drachenwald.  In asking why they come to our war, consistently I heard said that our war was a lot of fun, very friendly, and they would be back in future years. 
  Cheers, Hillary

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