[Ansteorra] The Castle Battle

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We had plenty of archers still in the castle that never got killed after 
we sallied forth and finished the Trimarian army.


Richard Threlkeld wrote:
> I was there Marshalling and Chirurgeoning and did not hear that. Both sides
> kept the fort. Prior to the battles they did not add a tie breaker to the
> scenario when both kept their fort, so the timing did not matter. They both
> held the forts and that made it a tie.
> In service,
> Caelin on Andrede
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> Thank you, Sieur Jean Paul, for your vivid description. Not being a fighter
> or marshal, I was, alas, outside the ropes by the pavillions.
> I was told after the battle that the castle battle was ruled a tie because
> the Ansteorrans and allies neglected to keep a garrison inside when the
> armies sallied forth. As the battle wound down a Trimaran warrior fleeing
> the carnage tried to escape into the castle. Although he was pursued and
> quickly dispatched to Valhalla, for one brief moment he was the only living
> warrior inside, thus capturing the castle, if only for a second. 
> I think, but can't remember for sure, that it was an Ansteorran fighter who
> told me this story, which made it more believable. Had it been a Trimaran, I
> might have written it off as sour grapes. Still I seek the truth of the
> matter...
> Paedric
> Jean Paul de Sens <jeanpauldesens at gmail.com> wrote: I must say, the castle
> battle this year at Gulf Wars was superlative.  From
> my vantage point (and I must say I had a good one) both side had good plans
> for defending the castle, and the castle this year definitely was a *real*
> castle in the facet that the defenders hunkered down for a bit, shook of the
> incoming artillery and arrow fire, and then destroyed their attackers.
> But I'm biased, so I'll tell you what I saw of Ansteorra's defense and how
> her army and her commanders impressed me.
> During the Trimarian defense, our clever foes waited until lay-on, and than
> proceeded to put obstacles into the entrance of the castle.  The ramps that
> were designed to scale the walls were then stacked up in front of the the
> entrance to the castle so that when the gate fell, the Ansteorran and allied
> attackers came upon a surmountable but troublesome barrier that caused major
> loss of life and limb.
> Our army being no less clever, realized that since the marshal-in-charge was
> being extremely permissive on what was being allowed, quickly obtained all
> of the haybales inside of the castle, and used them to build short walls
> that would funnel the attackers into where the defenders wanted in front of
> the main gate, the salley port, and Black Widow's Breach.   All this the
> Trimarian army saw and noted.
> When lay-on was called, the arrows and artillery commenced, and our army
> withstood tremendous the barrage.  Trimaris sent the first ramp to the wall,
> and the doughty warriors were able to survive the defenders polearms and
> spears to put the barrier in place.  A second ramp was sent, but this time
> Ansteorra's defender's held true, and the ramp fell mere feet from the
> wall.
> The barrage continued.  Bolt, rock, ballista bolt, and arrow flew into the
> castle.  Then, with 12 minutes gone, Trimaris attacked the gate with a
> battering ram.  6 fast blows were hit upon the door, of such power that we
> felt it in the tower above.  The gate was open, and the crew of the ram and
> their guardians began to fall back.  But too late, for the falcon army of
> Calontir descended upon the seigemen, and destroyed the unit utterly,
> scattering the survivors beyond the entrance to the castle.
> The Falcon host poured out of the front gate, seeking their foes, and the
> army of Trimaris scrambled to contain them, thinking perhaps that they would
> try to fight their way out the front.  The battle was brutal, and units from
> the east side of the castle swarmed to the front to attempt to contain
> Calontir.  Just as they Trimarian army closed the pocket around the Falcon
> host, there was a tremendous roar on the east side of the castle, and
> Ansteorra and her allies sallied forth, breaking through the weakened lines
> in front of the salley port.  A crashing wave of black and gold and white
> and red crushed, chased, and ground her foes to sand as they came around the
> north wall of the castle.
> Calontir sensed the change, and redoubled their efforts, and began to push
> the oppressed foes back from the front of the castle.  As the wave of the
> salleying army crested path, the remains of the Calontir army joined in as
> they swept all the way across the front of the castle.  Finally, the
> northern host poured out of the Black Widow's breach, and held the army of
> Trimaris fast while they were slaughtered to a man.
> The battle done, a great cheer arose from the victorious allies.
> In the previous battle, Trimaris and her allies had defeated us in
> approximately 26 minutes.  Ansteorra and her allies took 16 minutes to
> accomplish the same goal.
> I have been to many Gulf Wars, and been in that castle many times.  The
> planning and execution by our army in this battle was superb that I *still*
> am awed.  A plan was devised, a good clever plan.  It was executed properly,
> and timed well.  Our units fought heroically.  Never have I been so moved.
> I cry that I missed it, but regret not that I was able to see it, and to
> tell of how well we did this year.
> With affection, respect, and admiration,
> Sieur Jean Paul de Sens
> Earl Marshal, Ansteorra

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