[Ansteorra] Armoured war points

Jean Paul de Sens jeanpauldesens at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 21:20:25 PDT 2008

to give some teasers here's how the armoured war points went:

Town Battle - Ansteorra won the town battle with a score of 9-4 (I think).
We held the center building flag during the counting period both at the
halfway mark and at the end of the battle.  We had approximately 1400
resurrections to Trimaris' 1700 or so.  I did hear that at one point our
right flank controlled one of the Trimaris' buildings, but it most not have
been during the counting portion.

Field Battle
Ansteorra won the first two fights, and then lost the third to win this war

Bridge Battle
An awesome fight, and we won this one at the end of a very tough contested
battle.  I honestly think that a mistake on the center bridge cost Trimaris
this battle.

Castle Battle:
Tie. Covered earlier.

Ravine Battle:
We dominated in this one, and managed to control all of the flags almost all
of the time.

Champions Battle:
I'm not certain about this one.  I know that our unbelts went 3-2 and our
belts went 2-3 for a straight up tie.  I'm not certain how our allies did,
but I'm thinking that we also went 2-3 there and that we might have lost
this war point.  Detailwise I remember that Centurion Angus, Hrafn, won
their fight, while Chiang and Evets did not.  For the life of me I'm
blanking on who the fifth unbelt was.  For the chivalry, I know that Count
Gunthar defeated his opponent, and so Duke Ulstead who defeated Duke
Martin.  Sir Gideon and Duke Miguel fell to (I think) Duke Baldur and Duke
Gaston respectively, and Sir Alexis lost a very intense fight to Sir Tanaka.

I also think we won the Rapier ravine battle by a narrow margin, and that we
won the Rapier field.  I'm not sure about the rapier champions battle.

Hopefully people will flesh in more stories about this.


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