[Ansteorra] Armoured war points

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Allow me to flesh out the town battle, which we won 8-5.

At the first score count, Ansteorra held our buildings, Trimaris held their 
buildings, and Ansteorra held the majority of the middle building.  The 
flag, which according to the written rules was not supposed to be moved, had 
been moved to the back of the building in the brief moment that Trimaris 
held the majority of the building.  The 2 points for the middle building 
were granted to Trimaris, and the score stood 2-4 in Trimaris' advantage.

The fact that the flags were to not move was clarified, the flag reset to 
the middle the main buliding, and fighting continuted.

At the 2nd hold, Ansteorra held that middle building, her own buildings, and 
our allies Mid-Realm had pushed Trimaris out of the back right (from our 
perspective) building, giving us a 5-1 advantage in the score in the 2nd 
half, as well as the point for less ressurrections, for a final of 8-5.  If 
the rule on the middle flag had been understoond or we had stomped our feet 
and insisted that it be upheld, the score would have been 10-3.

I believe that it was in the town battle that the hammers that were designed 
by Centurion (now Sir) Hrafn were at their most effective.  They were used 
effectively to melt shield walls and stop charges from oblique angles time 
and time again.


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> to give some teasers here's how the armoured war points went:
> Town Battle - Ansteorra won the town battle with a score of 9-4 (I think).
> We held the center building flag during the counting period both at the
> halfway mark and at the end of the battle.  We had approximately 1400
> resurrections to Trimaris' 1700 or so.  I did hear that at one point our
> right flank controlled one of the Trimaris' buildings, but it most not 
> have
> been during the counting portion.

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