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george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 16:05:01 PDT 2008

Milady, Blackthorne, you have a valid point, looking
at it from your stated perspective.
  I, however, am looking at this more from the point
of view best explained in terms like a military
  To wit:  On the Plains, during the last half of the
19th century, the US Cavalry built Army post all
through the western section of this country.
  The purpose was to have a fort for each troop of
cavalry (Company strength unit) in a given regiment to
have their own fort, thereby extending the range of
control the Army was able to maintain.
  None of these Troops expected to grow into their own
regiment, but neither did they feel stagnent in their
careers, as they did the part of the overall job that
was theirs to do.
  Likewise, the reason for a Principality, in my plan
is to ease the burden of the crown, AND better serve
the populace.
  I do not see it as inevitable that we would,
someday, split off and become another kingdom.
  Nor do I see it as inevitable that if we donot
split, we would, of necessity feel unfullfilled.

   Ld Adm Rob Haddock

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