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Counties and Duchies can be a slippery slope where the BoD is concerned.

Yes, the Landed Baronage is the standing representative of the Crown to a
Barony. But any noble can be appointed as an official representative for an
event if there is no Baron/ess and the Crown cannot attend. All it takes is
the Crown to choose representatives for the event, and send the awards and
charters to them. Tivar and I have held court in the Crown's name for a
number of years, usually in the Shadowlands.

However, we have never handed out anything above AoA level, which I think is
totally appropriate. I know if I were to be given something of GoA level or
higher, I'd want a Prince/ss or King/Queen to be the hand I received it

Aethelyan Moondragon
Bryn Gwlad

On 3/24/08, rfknight2251 at aol.com <rfknight2251 at aol.com> wrote:
> I was always under the impression that the Landed Nobles were the Crowns
> representatives?
> Sir Lasguaard
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> I have suggested the crown enlist members of the royal family to hold
> court
> n areas where they might not be able to attend. The (former) West, the
> orth and shires everywhere could have more court presence. I understand
> his has been done rarely on an occasional basis.
> I think this raises a number of possibilities including the idea of a
> County
> r Duchy where a particular noble or noble couple is responsible for being
> he crown's representative for a time (year? two?) and seeing to the needs
> f the populace there. Of course that would not exclude crown visits as
> well
> ut would give the locals a presence from the royal family more often.
> Since
> ur Counts, Countesses, Duchesses and Dukes have experience holding royal
> ourt and overseeing the kingdom so, assuming they were willing,  they
> hould be able to do this for a smaller area.
> Christian Doré

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