[Ansteorra] Nomis- Spy for Bordermarch

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Ansteorra....my spy Nomis has sent forth this letter.  

What say you?

HE Santiago 
Baron of Bordermarch

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  Your excellency Santiago,

  I am in a hurry to send this message, bad turn of events, must be on
  the move.  As I was leaving that house of ill repute called the Green
  Dragon I slipped on a large amount of goat droppings that seem to be
  everywhere in this land.  I staggered around the building and
  witnessed the most foul of specticals I have ever been party to.

  The pidgeon that I have sent this message with has some graven images
  scribed into it's beak.  Please be warned not only are these pictures
  of goat lovers, they are in the process of performing some truly
  unspeakable deeds.  I have been warning you about this threat and
  finnally you have the proof you need to summon the required forces to
  deal with this scourge!

  I am making all haste to return to our fairest of baronies to assist
  in the repulse of these savages but the amount of fleas in this land
  makes my progress slow.  I have left this morning with the sun to my
  right and expect to be home in 2-3 days.

  Please look at the following to see what I have seen:


  By the looks of it they are not sure what they have and are trying to
  figure out what it is for.  I can only assume that regular clothes are
  new to them!

  In your service I remain

  Nomis of Topaz Key


  1. http://bordermarch.org/Gallery/OutRage
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