[Ansteorra] Spy report & the Green Dragon

nomis at bordermarch.org nomis at bordermarch.org
Sat Nov 15 20:05:17 PST 2008

Your excellency Santiago,

   I have good news to report. The supposed "Green Dragon" is nothing
   more that a gathering place fo more underhanded brewers.  It seems
   that I once again was tricked into drinking some type of concoction
   that caused me to loose my senses.  When I finally regained my ability
   to see and hear properly, most of my pidgeons were being cooked by the
   hostess.  While thier demise was unfortunate I must admit they were
   tasty.  This discovery of the true nature of the Green Dragon only
   confirms once again that if we feed them, they will come.  My
   suggestion is to have our food taverns set up inside the castle so
   that it will at least "look" like thier populace is trying to lay
   siege to our castle.  Otherwise we will be forced to set out plates of
   Cabrito and lure them into our traps in small groups.

   My court spies have informed me that the swordsman is up to no good
   again and is advising your excellency in matters of war.  Interesting
   that he is full of advice but will not be at your side when you are
   taking matters in hand.  Even the Don-less Cadet will be defending
   your lands with his life, how ever little it is worth.  Speaking of
   the missing Don, my spies have heard no word of his where abouts or
   the condition of his hair.  Hopefully he will be able to comb his
   locks and be able to assist in the coming battles.  Where is Sterling
   silver tea cup?  He talked of treasure to be had and glories to be won
   but no one has heard from him in two to three moons?  Where is little
   Eric the bell ringer, has he finally become the man he so desired to
   be? will he be by your side as your adopted son?

   What news of the one armed gardener?  How is she tilling her fields
   with just one arm?  Bewary of her night shuffling around the camp, I
   still say she is not to be trusted.  Where is the tinker?  After the
   attempt on his life he has disappeared from the comings and goings of
   the Barony.  Is he that easily scared off?   Where is the crack
   master?  His is a scary one no doubt.

   Oh there are soo many that I have to keep my eyes on and so little
   time in the day.  I find it necessary to hasten back to our lands to
   be closer to your excellency in this dire time of need.  I still do
   not see any signs of the great and horrible Ram army that is supposed
   to be coming but I feel that your inner court needs to be watched.

   Keep your eyes on the one eyed waif until my timely return.

   Truly in your service

   Nomis of Topaz Key 

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