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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 17 16:37:08 PST 2008

Unto Your Most Royal Majesties and Your Most Gracious Populace of Ansteorra do we, His Excellency, Master Kristoff McLain Cameron and Her Ladyship Hrefna karsefni send most warm and humble greetings from your mother Kingdom of Atenveldt!For those of you who were not at Queen's Champion this past weekend and do not know us, we are friends of His Royal Majesty Gunthar of Ansteorra from his long, cold exile here in Atenveldt. His Majesty invited us to come out to see "what a real Queen's Champion looks like." We took him up on his kind invitation and are so glad we did.We had a wonderful time and were welcomed with open arms and hearts. We are so thankful to have met so many wonderful, talented, and inspirational people.We would like to especially thank the following members of Their Majesties populace.Their Majesties, Gunthar and Elizabeth, for their kind invitation and for making it seem as though no time had passed since we last saw Him, and as if we had known Her for as many years. Thank you for your hospitality and showing us that a list of "only 54" Rapier fighters was a small list.Countess Sara Penrose and Baron Modius von Mergentheim for your candor, honesty and making the time to how ever briefly talk with us during a very action-packed day.HL Hanna von Dahl and Lord Sylvius the Fop, for taking in 2 weary travelers and treating us like royalty. We are still is awe of how seamless your service and friendship to Their Majesties is.HL Alejandro Mendoza de Ramirez and HL Amalia Zavatini, for keeping us company, talking art and impressing the heck out of us with your kindness, knowledge and understanding.Lady Annwyn for talking Calligraphy & Illumination with Hrefna and allowing her to ask sometimes silly questions about how it works in your end of the world.Baron Robin of Gilwell for regailing us with stories of "old Atenveldt" and ugly chickens.
Tir Medoin, who we think pretty much all met us at the gate on Friday evening as the rain started to fall. You all made us feel very welcome and at ease. Also, for the wonderful feast you served those of us heart enough to stay on Saturday after the sun went down. (The beef stew was particularly good!)  Last, and by no means least, Baroness Alys Durivau. You are the most kind, gracious, generous person either of us has had the fortune to meet in a long time. Thank you for anticipating any and every need we could have possibly had. Thank you for treating us like old friends, as we feel we now are. Thank you for being you! The only limitation this wonderful Baroness has is that there aren't more people on this Earth exactly like her. You have two staunch fans and friends here in Atenveldt. To any and all of you who befriended us, you are humbly invited to Atenveldt any time. We only hope, that if you do decide to come visit, we can give you even half the comfort and courtesy you have shown us.For those of you who could not attend the weekend's events, Hrefna took lots of pictures. They can be found at:http://s390.photobucket.com/albums/oo341/saholtartist/Ansteorra%20QC%202008/In friendship,HE Master Kristoff McLain Cameron and THL Hrefna karsefni
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