[Ansteorra] Nomis- Spy for Bordermarch

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Mon Nov 17 20:52:18 PST 2008

Your Excellency Santiago,

I have tried to follow the GA army as you requested but was unable to fullfill your request.  It seems that there is a shortage of horses in this land and their army is forced to 
ride the goats they love so dear.  The good news is this has slowed their approach and they should not be in our territory until 3 days from now.  The bad news is that following 
the GA army is tough on your sense of smell but with the goats added it has gotten even worse.

Upon inspecting the units I could get close to I can only surmise that the plan to eat their mounts on the way as they are not packing much food supplies.  I would once again 
suggest that you move any food merchants into the castle so that this meager force will "appear" to be laying siege to our fine stone castle while they search for our food stuffs.

I am having to pass in front of their army due to the smell and I can only hope that the wind does not change direction.  I will keep within ear shot of their bleeting...I mean 
singing to track their progress.  Please make little Eric ready at the bell to warn of the arrival of the enemy if and when they come.  I would also remind you to keep your eye on 
the "prize" that we have to insure no harm comes its way.  I am worried that the bleeting that will be heard will send One-Eyed Pam over the edge and out will come her true feral 

In trying to avoid anymore goat drop stew I have been forced to consume some of the last pigeons that I have.  It was hard to part with them over my long travels these last 
months.  I was able to form a bond with them and named them.  "Arron", "Adolf", "Ericus" and "Armond" were eaten at the Green Dragon.  "Decimus" and "Eirikr" were eaten last 
night.  I have sent little "Malcolm" to you with this message and I will save the final fine feathered friend "Nikolai" for my last message before the storm breaks.  "Nikolai" was 
a hard temptation not to eat due to his stout yet robust features.

In your Service
Nomis of Topaz Key

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