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Thanks Duncan.

I would love to look at your new book. I'm not doing much eventing this winter,?but will probably be at Candlemas. Want to plan an information swop then?

I too have used the Bruegel painting which is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in period life, as not all the games are neccessarily being played by children. Adults also enjoyed what we might nowadays consider 'playground games'.?I have also used?the painting by Marten van Cleve, the series of games at the base of a Flemish calendar, copper engravings by Stella, Orbis pictus, woodcuts, illuminated manuscripts etc. etc. 


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I have recently acquired a book that may help you in this area. It is
"Inside Bruegel: The Play of Images in 'Children's Games'", by Edward
Snow. It is an analysis of the 1560 painting by Bruegel the Elder. While
the book spends most of it's time discussing the imagery in that
painting, the painting itself shows hundreds of children engaged in
scores of playful activities, and a lot can be gleaned from it that is
useful to the MoC, and the period gaming researcher.

I got this book for the same reason that you got these questions: to
help the MoC come up with more varied, and period activities for the

I'll carry the book with me, in case we meet at an upcoming event, for
you to take a look at.

Your fellow game enthusiast to the north,

Duncan Hepburn

On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 09:45 -0500, deboramarzec at aol.com wrote:
> Hello all, 
> While at BAM this past weekend I had a few MOC come into the Game Pavilion 
requesting information on suitable, or different, period games for children. 
Whilst this isn't specifically my area I have obviously come across much 
information during the course of my research. Therefore, I'm thinking of 
creating a small booklet/handout if there is enough demand. Otherwise I'm happy 
to give individual answers.
> Many medieval adult active 'games'?could be reclassified for children. I 
cannot see the fighters having a competition to see who can hop on one leg the 
longest while in armor, but this manly period pastime can easily be adapted into 
a children's game which would tire?youngsters out a little in preparation for 
quieter activities.
> Another example is bubble catching. The idea is one person blows the bubbles; 
the others try to catch one on?their pillows and safely carry it back to the 
'blower' where if successful they receive a prize, (or perhaps a kiss if played 
by adults as was done in period).
> Let me know.
> Debora of Durham.
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