[Ansteorra] Ursae-Lyons II

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Mon Oct 20 20:33:12 PDT 2008

Greetings to the wonderful Kingdom of Ansteorra.  You may have heard, we held a grand Tournament this past weekend in which we hosted almost 200 of our dear friends.

This year the Field of the Lion triumphed over the Field of the Bear.  Who knows what next year will bring?

Out of 20 or so fighters, the six winners of the tournament were:
HE Gavin Mac Iain - Lady Lyons' (Mistress Seraphina's) favorite
Rhys - Lady Ursae's (HE Suzanne's) favorite
Fiacha the Blue
Grímr þurs
Phillipe Le Chanceux
Jasper Codrington

Arts & Sciences Triathalon Competition
HE Bjornsborg's favorite - Tadhg mac Aedain Ui Chochobhair
Lady Ursae's favorite - Oksana Goncharova
Lady Lyons' favorite - Melisenda de Fray

Pumpkin Carving Competition
HE Oriana Luisa della Francesca
youth pumpkin - a group of 5 kids, not all of whose names I know

Awards granted from TRM Ulsted and Ebergardis or with Their Permission
Rising Star - Celeste Marie Beraud
Sable Talon - David ap Howel
Order of the Firebrand (local service order) - Wolfgang von der Eifel
Order of the Firebrand (local service order) - Emeline Neville
Award of Arms - Elisava Iliesca
Iris of Merit - Debora of Durham


LION of ANSTEORRA, DEFENDER of the DREAM - Ivarr Runmagi

(That makes 11 Lions from Bjornsborg - Yay us! - See below note about tshirts.)

Please forgive any omissions or mis-spellings.

Thank you to all who participated.  Thank you to TRM Ulsted and Ebergardis for gracing us with their attendance.  Without guests who want to play the game we set up, the tournament and event itself would be a much sadder place.  However, without the help of all those who worked from planning the event all the way through to the debriefings and final storage unit visit, we could not have hosted the event at all.  From brand new members to old Lions to guests, many people, too many to name, had a hand in the wonderful event we hosted for you, Ansteorra.

Thank you.
Proud Baron of Bjornsborg 


Proud Baroness of Bjornsborg
Multae manus onus levant - Many hands make light work.

PS. I'll send out a message once I'm accepting orders for the next Tshirt run.

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