[Ansteorra] Merchanting at Coronation

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Thu Oct 23 20:49:06 PDT 2008

Greetings to the Populace of Ansteorra (feel free to cross-post as necessary).

There seems to have been some loss of emails or other communications so I am sending out this request.  If you want to merchant your wares at the Coronation on November 8th, then please contact me.  I have responded to every email and request for information that I have received to date.  If you have not heard from me (especially recently as I sent out an email to every merchant I had on my list) then please resend your information to me.  Please make sure to send it to chelle at bmhanson.net and NOT the just reply to this email.  I may not get this email in a timely manner.

Information requested is:

*  SCA and mundane names
*  Business name
*  Products sold
*  space required

More information will be provided once I have your request.  

In service,
HL Margarite McBridin
Coordinator of merchants for the coronation of Gunter and Elizabeth

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