[Ansteorra] Gothic War

mmarthe at suddenlink.net mmarthe at suddenlink.net
Sun Sep 7 21:40:20 PDT 2008

Greetings Unto All!
Thank you one and all who came to Gothic War.  A great time was had by all.
I wish to thank those without whose effort the was would not have run so smoothly.  The Amazon Auction provided both entertainment and booty for the war chest as well.  Thanks, Aunty Jan and those other Amazons who helped with that.  We had several troll volunteers and your reward is you were seen doing that.  Fellow members of Trelac, you did it!  I was never so proud.  You coordinated everything and followed through.  You didn't even let me help.  Now that is honor, and I appreciate it.  Vivat Trelac!  I want to that HL Byron for holding the thrown weapons competition.  And Amaryah, thanks so very much for the golf carts.  My minions made good use of them.  Thanks to Ly. Nicolette and Ly. Maire for listmistressing.  The merchants that came sure made things fun!  HL Larkin, thank you for voice heralding throughout the weekend.  I know the price you paid for that.  Have I forgotten you?  Well, a hearty thanks to you.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Trelac Guard!

In Service to the Dream,
and the Kingdom Of Ansteorra,
M. Marthe de Blenkinsop

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