[Ansteorra] need doumunation on wood and leather burning

Catie Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Mon Sep 8 19:13:11 PDT 2008

Good Your Grace (and gentle cousins):

after my post regarding hot working leather
and mentioning that I would visit groups to
teach leather stuff, you asked where I was
located and what the paramenters would be
to get me to come teach a class.

I am in Ravensfort.  I will cheerfully come and
teach an evening class anywhere within two
hours of my office (in The Woodlands) or home
(in Willis).  For groups between two and four
hours from my house, I would be happy to
teach any Saturday or any Sunday afternoon.
For groups farther than that, crash space is
required on a real bed in a room with A/C.

Any class involving cuir boulli requires an
oven.  Not a grill, not a torch, not a stove,
not hot plate.  It has to be a real mundane

Cuir cisele is a two hour class with hands-on.
Period stamps, hot work and gilding methods
is a two hour class with hands on.
Period leather dyes is one to two hours as a
demo, depending on content.
Medieval cuir boulli is one hour as a demo and
three to eight hours (depending on the project
involved) as a hands-on class.  There is a cap
of six participants for any of the above but
attendence is unlimited for spectators.  A fee
for participants depends on the cost of leather.

Bribes of decent coffee and really good sushi
are always welcome.


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