[Ansteorra] Ike in Ravensfort

Catie Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Sat Sep 13 07:37:57 PDT 2008

 >> I am very concerned about Ravensfort, Stargate, Greywood, Bordermarch...
 >>I would love to hear from someone that is there who says
 >> it's not as bad as the TV says it is.
 >> gwyneth
 >Considering that most of that area has no power,
 >don't think anyone will be able to reply.

Runa and I can both get online (she has a good propane generator,
I have gnarly batteries and an internet-capable cell phone). The eye
passed through about an hour ago, nicking Willis.  Now the wind is
picking back up.  Runa has some major tree damage and so do we.
We weren't able to sleep because of the sound of branches and
trees breaking. The good news for us is that our roof survived some
direct tree hits.  My backyard looks like somebody's logging
operation.  I don't know if our travel trailer survived yet.  I'm
not driving over to the storage place until the wind falls off.  I'm
amazed we didn't lose any windows.  At one point, I could see my
bedroom windows actually flex from the force of the wind.

The worst wind is supposed to be behind the south eyewall so
in theory we have some more nasty wind to get through.  I grew
with the Atlantic Ocean 100 feet out my front door so I've seen
a lot of hurricane winds - but never before have I seen them this
far inland (90 miles).  So far though, the wind has not come back
up (yet?) to the level it was at right before the eye passed thru.
That part was bad though, hearing and seeing big trees come
down on and next to the house.

I have no idea what things are like to the south.  If we got hit this
bad up here, I don't want to think of what it was like in Stargate
and points south.  I've been tracking USGS water gages on the
NWIS website and the flooding really is rather horrific.


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