[Ansteorra] Ike & Ravens Fort

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 13 13:24:10 PDT 2008

Lots of downed trees in Montgomery & Walker County.
Galveston County hit hard.
Harris County about the same.
Lot of cell towers are not working.
Last I heard only about 23,000 people had electricity in Harris County.
TV says 4 days to 3 or 4 weeks depending where the people live to get electric back.
Have spoken with 2 Ravens Fort people, one in Huntsville... no power.
Currently there is a band of storms sitting over us and hasn't moved in about an hour.
I'm sort of stuck on my side of I45 while Therasia defends her turf on her side.

Basically what Therasia said.  I have land line and cell phone (well if I walk outside the cell works)
as well as internet access.  I am on digest so if you need me to try and get in touch with someone send
private message so I'll get it sooner.

I'm ready to go to Huntsville and raid Lizard Keep for all the brews!

Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd

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