[Ansteorra] OT:Gas Prices going up thanks to IKE

David J. Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.com
Sat Sep 13 20:41:36 PDT 2008

faolon at sallegarnes.com wrote:
> Ok actually only a small percentage of a barrel of oil goes into making
> gas. The rest is used in the creation of plastics and other manufactured
> items. These refineries either sell off or use the remainder to make the
> plastics themselves. Unlike 9/11 or Katrina the price of plastics has not
> gone up with the gas pricing therefore on the corporate books there is no
> gouging per say but a hardship on a single portion of a multi purpose
> commodity which although legal means the companies do in fact make more
> money off the smaller part of the whole. Confused yet? Right or wrong it
> is legal. Personally I'm still going to pay it so that I can travel
> acrossed the Kingdom to visit and beat on my friends.
> Ld Faolon

Let's look at the breakdown of a typical 42 gallon barrel of crude oil
Usable products            Gallons
Gasoline                        19.65        46.8%
Diesel                            10.03        23.9%
Jet Fuel                            4.1        9.8%
Kerosene                          4.1        9.8%
Fuel oil                            1.72        4.1%
Refinery Gas                    1.9        4.5%
Bitumen/asphalt                1.3        3.1%
Chemical Feedstock        1.2        2.9%
Lubricants                        0.5        1.2%

Note that this works out to 44.5 gallons.  As the crude is processed, 
some of it is converted into less dense materials, resulting in a total 
volume increase.

The gasoline component is nearly 50 %, all fuels together is 97%.

David Gallowglass
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