[Ansteorra] Post-Ike

David J. Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.com
Sat Sep 13 21:04:09 PDT 2008

Situation in West Houston (area between West Belt and Gessner, Westpark 
and Westheimer)
Power went down for good around 2 AM, came back in stages between 4 and 
8 PM (Kudos to the CenterPoint Work Crews!)

Lots of shingles scattered around, small limbs, @5% of trees lost major 
branches or were uprooted.  Only a few fell on structures or vehicles.
No significant flooding.
Police patrolled heavily up until midnight Friday, keeping people off 
the streets and watching for "opportunists".
Very low water pressure, no water to second stories yet  (11 pm Saturday).

We got really lucky. (Well, my AC did fail after power came back, I'll 
make due with a box fan until it can be repaired.)

David Gallowglass

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