[Ansteorra] update after ike

ladydaungerous at yahoo.com ladydaungerous at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 14 16:20:11 PDT 2008

Westgate populace is cancelled tomorrow.
Malachai and I are fine. Our side fence is in bad shape and we lost some roof tiles, but we got power back this afternoon. No landline.
Alisone has power and water. Hillary lost part of a fence and has treelimbs down. No power.
William Silke and Valeria is fighting tree limbs.
I hear TE Ihon and Isabeau are without power and have treelimbs down. They visited the stable which is damaged but the horses are okay.
Melody and askell are at her parents house right now.
Bellas electric meter is damaged but she and her family are okay. 
That's all I know right now.

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