[Ansteorra] Two whats worth?

Giertrud Gyldenstierne giertrud at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:47:45 PDT 2008

my two WHAT worth?  I have a Dano-Norwegian persona (born Norway but grew up
in Denmark...)

The Krone existed as a unit of account (DKA) as early as 1513 with 1 Gulden
equal to 3 Krone, 24 Marks or 128 Skillings. The Rigsdaler Courant (DKC)
became the principal coin of the realm in 1544, though there were several
monetary systems based on the Rigsdaler. In general the Ducat was divisible
into 2 Rigsdaler, 3 Krone, 12 Mark, 96 Stuyver, 192 Skilling Danske, 384
Fyrk, 576 Hvid or 2304 Pfennig until 1813.

So what do I say?


Giertrud Gyldenstierne
RUGA Provost, Shire of Blackmoor Keep

> My 2 pfennigs worth.
> THL Edrei the Quiet
> (mka David Backlin)
> Merchant and Adventurer
> Shire of Smythkepe

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