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> To all-
> I just wanted to pass on how excited I am to be organizing the Light 
> Weapons events at Diamond Wars this year. We have a great series of events 
> for this year, and I wanted to pass on some of what we're going to be 
> doing.
> As is tradition, Rapier fighters will be participating in Friday Night 
> Fights! Bring your A-game and your flair for the dramatic.
> We are planning a "Mongolian Horseback" tourney. All fighters must keep 
> their "horse" alive to remain mobile. Your mount? A stick horse. Do you 
> keep him alive, or sacrifice him for the chance at a quick kill shot?
> Other tourneys are in the works, but we'd love to have sponsored tourneys 
> if we can. If you or your group would like to sponsor a tourney, please 
> contact me off list.
> There will also be melees. Our featured melee is the Silk Road Caravan. 
> One team must guard the caravan and make it to the caravanserai. The 
> bandits have other ideas.
> We will also be playing field, woods, and bridge battles. All in all, a 
> little bit of everything. Come out, enjoy the camaraderie, and get those 
> reflexes in shape for the wars to come!
> Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and visit 
> www.smallgraybear.org for details and directions.
> En Servicio,
> Juan Carlos
> THL Juan Carlos Santiago y Benevidez (mka Leif Hassell)
> Barony of Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, AR)
> e-mail: wyldfire00101010 at yahoo.com
> "Agnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae"

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