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The photo is of Seamus and Karlanna in their second reign, at the War with 
the Outlands (technically the Interkingdom Phune, in the Shire of 
Scorpion's Hollow), on October 11, 1987.  That's the throne of the Queen of 
the Outlands next to Karlonna, so it's Tara's throne.  King Artan's was on 
the other side of it, outside the picture.  Behind them, the lady in the 
coronet is Mistress Adelicia Tagliaferro (then the Honorable Lady Adelicia 
Gilwell, Star Principal Herald).  The court is of especial historical 
import.  That's the court in which the Crowns of Ansteorra and the Outlands 
established the White Scarf Treaty, and the Order of the White Scarf of the 
Outlands was founded.

I don't know why they are wearing their county coronets (which those 
certainly are), but other photos of the same court confirm that they were 
doing so.  (Yes, OF COURSE I have photos of that court.  They were on 
display a couple weeks ago at the Thirtieth Anniversary White Scarf event.)

The photo is mislabeled, by the way.  While Seamus and Karlanna were the 
thirteenth Crown of Ansteorra, it's not that reign.  It's their second 
reign, the seventeenth reign of the kingdom.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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> Hello
>   I have added a page for Seamus and Karlanna to the history wiki.  If
> features a Photograph of them by Caius Fabius that I found in the files
> along with a release to use on the web page. (Thanks Caius)  The photo 
> shows
> them sitting on the Ansteorran Thrones, but I do not recognize the Crowns
> that they are wearing.  The empty throne next to Karlanna has a brass 
> plate
> that MAY have a stag on in.  It's had to make out.  That might indicate 
> that
> the Crown of the Outlands was present at the event.
>   Can anyone tell me what Crowns they are wearing, who's throne they are
> sitting next to, and  which reign this is from?  The site is:
> http://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki/index.php?title=13th_Crown
> Here is a close
> up<http://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki/images/a/ad/S%26K_Close_3.jpg>of
> the Crowns.  Note: the file is 3.72 M
> Robert Fitzmorgan
> Kingdom Historian 

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