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Brett Chandler-Finch naturemakeswell at gmail.com
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The BODis conducting a census of the SCA  From the site.

"Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism 2010 Census. The SCA
Board of Directors is asking past and present SCA participants to
answer some questions about who you are, how and why you got involved
in the SCA, and what you think about the issues we are currently
facing in the SCA. These questions will help us to better understand
where the SCA is today and help us to plan for the future. Your
answers to the questions on this survey are important to us and will
ensure that your voice is heard.

Questions will focus on:
• Demographics: Who are you and what do you do in the SCA?
• Joining and Leaving the SCA: How did you get involved in the SCA?
Why do you continue or not continue to participate?
• Planning for the Future: What do you feel are key issues facing the
SCA? What could we do better?"


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