[Ansteorra] Estrella War XXVII Pre-Registration now OPEN!!

Josh Jameson signalcoreclothing at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 21:08:42 PDT 2010

“*They say that war is forever cyclical, that we are doomed to return to

*If thats the case I say “Pay Your Site Fees Early” as:*



*Every year in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a horn blows. A horn heard far
across the Known World, beckoning all to prepare as War speedily encroaches
upon us all!!*

***That time to prepare begins now, and there is no better way to
preparethan PRE-REGISTERING yourself and your family for Estrella War
XXVII!!! Look at some of the perks below:*


   *If you pre-register for a Monday arrival, you can enter the site one*

* day earlier than those who pay General Admission for the event!!*


   *Pre-registration entrance fees are lower than the General*

* Admission fees paid at the Troll/Gate!!!*


   *The Troll/Front gate only accepts cash and traveler’s checks. Pre-*

   ***registration fees may be paid by personal check when mailed prior to*

* December31, 2010, or by money order when they are mailed prior to January
15,2011. MasterCard or Visa can only be used when pre- registration is paid

*And introducing...*


*The Estrella War XXVII PRE-PAY TO PLAY Installment Plan!!*

*Presenting a new way to Pre-Register for Estrella War!*

*Pre-registered attendees can now choose to pay their site fees in full as
usual, OR make a deposit and subsequent payments towards their site fee.
Deposits are just $20 per adult, and $5 per youth, with additional payments
to be paid in whole dollar increments!*


*Estrella War XXVII will be held from February 14-21, 2011 at Canyon Moon
Ranch in Florence, Arizona. For more information, please visit the Estrella
War XXVII Website at http://www.estrellawar.org *

***To Pre-Register for Estrella War XXVII and view all applicable
pre-registration deadlines and site fees, please visit the Estrella War Pre
Registration Page<http://www.estrellawar.org/RegistrationFrontGate/PreRegistration.aspx>

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