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On Aug 17, 2010, at 12:16 PM, Steve Scott (Dietrich) wrote:
> My own personal preference for feast is to have it buffet style.  I invariably 
> sit at the one table that the server forgets to bring enough to, or leaves off a 
> course, or something.  I'd rather make my own choices from dishes that are 
> sitting in warmers at the buffet table.  That way, I get enough of what I want, 
> and it's still hot enough to be appetizing.  There is nothing worse than being 
> served a dish that was supposed to be hot, but has become tepid, at best, by the 
> time it gets to me.

I tend to prefer a medieval serving style, which buffet definitely isn't.  However, the way we usually serve feasts is a compromise between medieval serving and modern restaurants and can be better than buffet.  But either, and especially a true medieval style, is very labor intensive.

For those planning a feast there are various ways to make the serving go better. The biggest is to have a well-trained staff who know what the current situation in the kitchen is and know what will be served and when.

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