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On 2010/Aug/18 19:10, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> On Aug 17, 2010, at 3:45 PM, Susan O'Neal wrote:
>> The last option are the in camp meals.  We've had such mixed resultd with that I can't
>> really give a general consencus about them.  It has a lot to do with the type of group we
>> are camping with and they have been both wonderful and a waste of money that was chipped in
>> on food I didn't eat.
> One solution for events that are camping events but don't serve meals is to cook something
> ahead of time, seal it in a bag and then boil it onsite. I've heard a lot of good reports
> from people who do this, but since I just recently purchased a "seal a meal" I haven't tried
> it out yet.
> This works especially well for a couple or a small group where folks are busy with other
> activities at an event and no one has time to cook. It doesn't take much time to fire up a
> stove, boil some water, drop in the bags and let them thaw and warm up. And there isn't much
> clean up needed.

If anyone is interested in first hand experiences on this, please let me know. My household has 
been using this method for food at Pennsic for a decade or more. It makes meals ever so much 
easier. We have good period foods, like bruets, or pompes in sauces etc, with minimal cooking 
time on-site and minimal cleanup. Due to field conditions, we've settled on using one of two 
grains to serve under the wet food, either couscous or rice.

We've taken to using a similar method for our breakfasts making eggs. I understand that we've 
recently identified an Andalusian recipe titled "Eggs in a Jar", which uses a disposable glass 
bottle to cook eggs. Our method uses disposable freezer zipper seal bags, which is a wee bit 
less expensive and doesn't leave shards of glass in camp.

I'd be happy to expound on either or both if there is interest.


> For those who want medieval meals, this works just as well, as for those who just want modern
> foods. There are many period stews and bruits, soups, etc that should work well this way.
> bag-cooking-msg (50K) 4/25/08 Using plastic bags to warm pre-cooked foods at SCA events.
> Vacuum food sealers. http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD/bag-cooking-msg.html
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