[Ansteorra] Untold Riches Await!!!

lrdwayland at aol.com lrdwayland at aol.com
Thu Aug 26 11:18:47 PDT 2010

Oh ye warriors of stout heart and strong arms, untold riches await you! 
Even as you read these words, fattened livestock, sacks of loot and 
wealth beyond imagination cries out for the taking!

Join with my mercenary band, learn the advanced trading tactics of 
"shoot, loot, and scoot".

  We are now recruiting warriors to join us at War of Ages. Be a Man 
amongst Men, Join the Mercenary Army !!!

Positons open for archers, fighters of all levels of experience, siege 
engine teams and armored non-combatants to act as scouts and runners.

We shall fight like lions and live like kings. Our blades will be sharp 
and our cups shall never run dry-

-Wayland (yes, the left handed guy with the eyepatch)

(below is the link for bandit team 2)


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