[Ansteorra] Stargate Yule Hairstyling Class - RSVP please :)

Michele Reichek txcolorandstyle at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 08:24:05 PST 2010

Bonjour Kingdom :)

This is my last call reminder about the 14th Century hairstyle class this 
weekend at Stargate Yule.  I hope to see everyone with an interest in this 
particular quick and easy hairstyle there - Class starts at 2pm :)

For those who are attending, can you please send me a quick RSVP email so I know 
how many handouts to print out?  At this moment, I know of two ladies and one 
who will be at the event but unable to attend the class who would just like a 

Lady Jeanne-Marie la Verriere


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