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Tue Dec 21 16:08:40 PST 2010

Duchess Conal mentioned that my position is now open for applications.

The Kingdom Calendar Deputy is a deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal.  The
primary responsibility of the job is to maintain the "unofficial" Kingdom
events calendar.  (It becomes official when it's published in the Black
Star, but the "unofficial" version is the one sent to the Black Star for
publication.)  See Ansteorran Kingdom Law, Article II, Section 5.C.4.

The job includes a Gmail account within the Ansteorra Seneschal's domain and
access to the Ansteorran web server to update the calendar web pages.  The
office owns a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, which works with a Microsoft
Windows machine (and should also work with an Apple MacIntosh...the disk
says it has both systems' software on it, but I use a Windows machine).
 Don't be scared about the process of maintaining the Web page...you'll be
given some training and it's just not that tough to do.

You are responsible for handling incoming requests for dates on the
Calendar.  You have to make sure that a requested date does not conflict
with other dates already on the Calendar.  If none of the requested dates
are available due to conflict, you have to work with the requester to come
up with an alternative.  (Those that know me know that I suffer from a lack
of tactfulness, and it sometimes takes every bit that I have to do the job.)

You work with Their Majesties and Their Highnesses to publish their progress
dates and any meetings of the different Kingdom orders as they request.

You provide a timely copy of the calendar to the Kingdom Chronicler.  You
also provide a copy to the Ansteorran mailing list.

You maintain the Ansteorran web Calendar page(s) and an Archive web page of
past events.

You maintain an offline archive of Event Request and Autocrat Warrant forms
reaching back almost a decade.  (This is all currently stored in electronic
format...PDF or JPG.)

Finally, you make an effort to ensure that the Kingdom Seneschal doesn't get
surprised about issues related to event dates.  It could be as simple as
copying the Seneschal in on an email, or as complex as coordinating between
several officers and the Seneschal to make sure that everyone is at the same
place.  (You don't always succeed in this, but you make an effort.)

You must be a paid member of the Society.  You must have a mailing address
and phone number that can be published in the Black Star and on the
Ansteorran web server.  You don't have to be an administrative geek to do
the job, but it probably helps.

I spend about an hour a week, average, on the job.  You may spend more, but
you probably won't spend less.

If you are interested in applying, please send your "application" (resume?)
to Duchess Conal at seneschal at ansteorra.org, with a copy to me at
calendar at ansteorra.org.  The deadline is 28 Feb 11.

I do enjoy doing the job.  It's not all flowers and wine, but you do get to
see the Kingdom from a whole new perspective.


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