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> Attention - All Brothers of the Grill -
> Their Majesties of Gleann Abhann have  directed that the Best and most 
> Skilled
> Brothers/Sisters converge upon  the Gulf Wars fields this spring to 
> determine
> who is the best Barbecue Chef in the Knowne World.
> There will be multiple categories for  these teams to compete, with one 
> Head
> Chef to be declared the "Best in  the Knowne World".
> I know it is almost Christmas, but now is the time to perfect  those 
> secret
> spice mixes and start thinking about your BBQ teams for  Gulf Wars.
> Teams may have any number of members but only the Team  Captain will 
> receive the
> coveted awards.
> There will be 3 meat  categories. Beef - Pork - and "Other"
> In addition, a sauce category has been added. The sauce may be offered
> separately along with the pork submission.
> +++Is your group contemplating a table at the Social? Why not add a few 
> trophies
> to your agenda?+++
> Teams  wishing to enter the contest must provide 30 pounds of meat for 
> Populace
> sampling in  at least one category. (i.e. you may provide 30 pounds of 
> pulled
> pork,  but enter all four categories for judging)
> There will be awards  for best Heraldic Display and Best Team 'Theme'
> Presentation, best Beef, Pork, Sauce and Other as well as an Overall 
> Champion.
> Judging to take place Tuesday evening at the Gleann Abhann Social  during 
> the
> War.
> Please feel free to contact me directly 1soni at sbcglobal.net for more 
> information.
> Get yer grillin ON!!!

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