[Ansteorra] Unwanted E-mails?

Rose rose_welch at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 15 16:41:45 PST 2010


As hard as we might try to genuinely like everyone around us, there will always be that person or group that just dances on your last nerve. This isn't new and it isn't going to change. It can be very hard to be a part of a group and want to receive messages that relate to that group, and still have to receive messages from that person or group that you can't stand.

Most people would recommend utilizing the 'delete' button, but we all know (or at least I know) how hard it can be to *not* look at the latest bit of *whatever* from that person or group. A better solution? If you have Gmail or Yahoo! mail, you can choose to set your spam filter to ignore all mail from that address or with that keyword in it. Then, you never ever see it at all. (I would assume that most e-mail clients have a filter that does this, but I only use the two mentioned so they're the only ones I'm going to speak for.)

So, in the future, whether it's a person whose missives annoy you, an event announcement that you're tired of seeing, or a certain topic that you're just done with, use your filter! Save your sanity and your reputation by not going batsh*t on the list about whatever/whomever it is that annoys you. :)

Rose the Obnoxious
who loves her filter

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