[Ansteorra] Mother of Ansteorra

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sat Jan 16 00:35:55 PST 2010

Thank you for helping me out.
If you find out who it is. I would like to talk to them. They sounded very hurt and that was a long time ago. I had some experience with some people who never got to talk the inquiry out and after they yelled at me for 4 hour they got over with it and now we are friends and they went on with their life. The bad thing was I couldn't remember what they were yelling at me about so I had to nod my head and say 'if I didn that that was really tacky". I don't know if I am quilty or not.  If this person is stuck with that time we need to free them. 
I did stupid things then and I really don't like the idea of someone suffering for 30 years for stupidity. 
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