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Yes,  I can attest to the bloodstain-removing powers of peroxide!  


It works best if the blood is fresh, of course, but even after it's dried you can remove a lot of the stain by soaking the item in cold water for an hour or two before pouring a capful or two of peroxide on the stain.  


Whether the stain is fresh or old, always blot it with paper towels first, and then wet it and blot it... *then* use the peroxide... if you put peroxide onto blood without putting some water on it first, you'll likely have the outer ring of the stain left, and if you use too much water the peroxied gets diluted. This from years of experience.


Rua, ex-EMT

> I read and found that hydrogen peroxide works wonders in getting rid
> of bloodstains.
> Danett de Lincoln
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> Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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