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Ok, unless they moved things in the last hour or so, there is not turnpike between Ada and Henryetta.  The one from Henryetta goes down to McAlester.  Ada, OK has been trying for decades to get a four lane road from Ada to any interstate.  This is for economic reasons, we are the largest city not on four-lane highway in the state and the city fathers would like to change that so we can attract more industry. The two lane Chickasaw Turnpike was Representative Lonnie Abbott's attempt at this as he was getting ready to retire.  It was delayed by political infighting and then the money ran out.  So it is the only two lane turnpike in the state. It runs from the four-lane stretch of Hwy 1 between Ada and Roff to the four-lane stretch of Hwy 7 the runs from I35 to Sulphur. Mystery solved?

AEla in Ada

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> By the way, speaking of the Oklahoma highway department, I
> have a question about what appears from outside to be a
> foolish design.  I'm not objecting to the safety
> engineering, which is first rate, but is it your opinion
> that traffic analysis showed a strong need for a major
> turnpike from Ada to Henrietta?  or is it possible that
> "government officials (*not* engineers) didn't bother to do
> their research before spending lots of money on something"?
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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