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To make a hurtful mistake is all too easy.  To apologize is hard.

To apologize publicly when nobody knows you're the one who messed up is incredibly hard.

Today's act was well-done, and today's apology was well-written.  If you need help finding the next step, feel free to contact me at this email address (rudin at ev1.net).

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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>Subject: [Ansteorra] Apologies to Willow and Ansteorra
>To Her Magnificent Grace Duchess Willow, and the noble gentles of the
>Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra do I, Alessandro, publicly send my deepest
>apologies and regrets.
>On Friday, January 15 I posted an insulting letter addressed to Duchess
>Willow to the Ansteorra mailing list.  The letter was intended to be a joke
>for its shock value; however, the stress of losing my job and troubles with
>school clouded my judgment and prevented me from seeing just how insulting
>it would be, and how wrong my actions were.  I sincerely and deeply
>apologize to Duchess Willow, to the Kingdom of Ansteorra, to all of the good
>gentles across the Known World who care for the Mother of Ansteorra, and to
>anyone else offended by my grievous error.  I have shamed myself, and in my
>shame I apologise.
>And to Duchess Willow, your response, your immediate forgiveness to someone
>who assaulted you brought me to tears.  Please, you were not the cause of my
>anger, and you did not deserve my attack.  I most humbly beg your
>I pray that everyone can give me a second chance to earn your respect and
>contribute to our Kingdom, with a newly-found humility.
>Alessandro Sorenzo-Zorzi

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