[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Richard Culver rbculver at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 2 10:14:15 PDT 2010

I am neither a fighter of repute or a great costumer, but I would like to add a 
few words as someone who strives for a look where, when being viewed, someone 
looks and says to themselves," Wow, I truly feel in a different place now."

I have started over multiple times in the Society, all of it here in Ansteorra.  
I have always played early personas.  It is an easy way in for people.  My first 
kit was from Duke Inman, a Vendelish style spun-dome with basic knees and 
elbows.  The rest was all leather and padding using nothing more than one big 
thing of saddle skirting from Tandy's/Leather Warehouse.  I wore all of my armor 
underneath and used subtle tones on the leather.

Boy had time changed when I came back this go around.  I lucked out that I found 
the helm I wanted from Bokalo's though it had to be mild steel.  he also had 
affordable knees.  Truly for starters, this is a good sight.  Some might still 
be high for those on tight budgets but a good first investment as his helms are 
considerably more period than other low-cost armorers who charge two-thirds less 
yet the helm looks more fantasy.  It can be done though.

Now beyond investment issues, I have noted another attitude on the field which 
is more irksome than some new person trying their best or also inspires some new 
fighters to not care and that is the Mixed Medieval Martial Arts attitude of 
some even experienced fighters.  Everything is about the win, not the look and 
feel and what it brings to creating the best medieval microcosm we can.  Rarely 
do I see fighters in the chivalric arena going out, in rounds where it is open 
choice, tahing what a person from their chosen time period would have donned and 
fighting it regards of the Win/Loss.  8th Century Vikings, using 15th century 
shields, with some other odd addition just so they can win is, to me- and I 
realize I am no one of note- as bothersome, if not more so, than just a tunic 
and plastic armor in a fairly generic neo-medieval fashion, especially when put 
in the context of how it helps win.  I always viewed fighting in the SCA as a 
way of having our own Deadliest Warrior show on a weekly basis.  Are there 
advantages to a late Roman soldier foederati that a 14th Century Spaniard 
doesn't have and vice versa?  I really commend gentlemen like Lord Yoshi and 
others who bring their A-grade persona game to the field.  

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