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Respectfully,  Tivar, we've said the same thing--  This concept seems to 
have probably began in France along with the notion of courtly love. It 
was applied to an Idealized notion of 5th century England in medieval 
literature-- and the main stories of which have been widely spread and 
further embellished ever since.


Edward I, who from many perspectives (Scots, Welsh, Irish) failed 
horribly to come anywhere near a standard of Chivalry, tried to use the 
popular mythology of Arthur to bolster and reinforce his image.  Later, 
Henry VIII attempted the same...

Using either Longshanks or Henry VIII as a historical example of our 
Chivalrous Ideal is a pretty long stretch-- both were very brutal and 
ruthless, with little regard for ladies as anything more than 

I have no doubt that there were some Idealistic readers in the14th-15th 
centuries who aspired to the concept, many young nobles were probably 
raised on it (like was Washington's cherry tree). Still,  the historical 
impact of it or  those individuals is difficult to document at best.  
---The Real shining armor was made in Italy, quite expensive,  worn in 
parades and rarely struck. Absolute power corrupts and so on.

With great respect,

On 11/4/2010 7:15 AM, Chris Zakes wrote:
> At 08:18 PM 11/3/2010, uillecc wrote:
>> -----  The concept of Chivalry in the middle ages was only ever that, 
>> a concept, not an enduring practice. ----
> That's not entirely correct. Even in the historic Middle Ages and 
> Renaissance, they had an idealized notion of "knights in shining 
> armor" that they were trying to create/re-create. As an example, see:  
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round_Table_%28tournament%29  Did they 
> fall short of this ideal? Of course, just as we in the SCA fall short 
> of our ideals. But that doesn't mean they didn't try.
>         -Tivar Moondragon
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