[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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Wed Nov 3 18:18:34 PDT 2010

Truth is we(at least most of us) do not really want to recreate life and 
history as it truly was-- hard, filthy and brutal.  The concept of 
Chivalry in the middle ages was only ever that, a concept, not an 
enduring practice. Our concept of it more closely follows the fictional 
models invented by Romanticist authors in the late 18th and early 19th 

That said, I'm convinced that playing in our dream world becomes much 
richer when we know more, and look more like we really belong in it.

A lot of my primal family in the sca have been slowly growing into that 
"More Historic" persona/kit as they grow and discover more about their 
interest areas in their  historical niche...  They are motivated by 
their own interests to dig deeper.  As many of them dig deeper they 
create things or learn things that they pass on...  Many of these folks 
do so without widespread notice beyond their shires and baronies. The 
heart of Ansteorra lies somewhere in that. We could never obtain that by 
passing laws...    If we want that to continue we have to grow it...

When you see that newbie who continues to stick around-- and you know 
they're hooked, think about giving them something from your niche... As 
a craftsman, it might be a simple but historic example of what you do... 
As a bard or historian tell them a story or two or sing them a song 
whenever you see them. If they're standing around at an event looking 
for something to do--put them to work... Let them know that they've 
found a home...  If they're Ansteorran they'll pick up on that and grow 
into the same practice themselves.  We all know that-- sometimes we just 
need to remind ourselves.

 From my observations at a growing number of wars, The kingdoms that are 
actively restrictive, or run on to many mandates tend to grow very 
little and interest me a lot less each year...  Lets Encourage our folks 
with our warmth and help them grow, rather than Discourage our folks by 
placing hurdles in their path.---

And if someones' something just so horrifies you to distraction from 
your enjoying your part of our dream, give them something better to 
replace it with...  They'll likely be thankful for your gift, and you'll 
be able concentrate on better enjoying whatever it is you're looking for.

my two copper...

On 11/3/2010 10:46 AM, Roysen AriManna wrote:
> I have opted to chime in on this due to the fact that it relates, somewhat, to my pre-SCA life( this was over 13 years ago, I have only be around SCA for over 4 years or so). 
> In Love&  Light,  Arimanna 
> aka Paula
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